Frequently Asked Questions
General Questions/Answers

How was the Mount Vernon Public Schools Foundation formed and who is on its board of directors?

The Foundation was formed in 2006 by community members who share a commitment to maintaining and improving the excellence of programs in Mount Vernon Schools.  It is a non-profit corporation, and has received its 501(c) (3) certification.  Contributions to the Foundation may be claimed as charitable deductions for tax purposes.  Our federal tax ID number is 77-0673771.

The board of directors is listed on the web site

What is the Mission of the Mount Vernon Public Schools Foundation?

To provide resources that support and promote the educational needs of students in Mount Vernon Public Schools.  The Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of education in the school district by raising funds for projects that encourage and enhance academics, athletics, the arts, technology and all other programs that will enrich the learning experience offered in the Mount Vernon Public Schools.

Will parents be asked to contribute annually?

The Mount Vernon Public Schools Foundation believes that in order to attract significant contributions from businesses or other major donors, the Foundation must show community-wide support for its vision.  Thus, the Foundation will seek support from the entire community during its fund raising activities.

What protections are in place to ensure Mount Vernon Public Schools Foundation funds are properly managed?

The Foundation’s funds are held in a local reputable bank.  Although not required by the bank, the Foundation bylaws require that every check issued by the Foundation have two authorized signatures.  The Foundation’s books are reviewed annually by a Board of Director CPA.  The Foundation treasurer provides a detailed monthly financial report to the board of directors.


Why does the Foundation list donors’ names?  Can I give anonymously?

There is no Foundation without donors, every donation makes a difference and each gift deserves to be acknowledged.  We publicly thank donors once a year on the Foundation web site.  The report usually lists the various levels of giving and any memorials received during the year.  You can give anonymously to the Foundation by noting it on your donation form.  We will honor your request.

We like to thank our donors by name because we believe it honors their gift and establishes them as leader in our community.  Many people give because they are prompted by someone they know.  Seeing your name on a public acknowledgement tells the people who know and respect you that you have lent your support to our efforts.
Where does the money go?
Dollars come to the Foundation either restricted or unrestricted.  The restricted dollars support programs designated by the donor.  The unrestricted contributions are allocated by the Foundation’s Awards and Grant Committee to those areas of greatest need.


Donor Questions/Answers

Is my donation tax deductable?

Yes. The Foundation for Mount Vernon Public Schools is incorporated as a 501©3 nonprofit organization, and will mail a donor a receipt for any contribution made.

How do I know that teachers’ proposals are sound grants and that the materials will be used as promised?

The Foundation works directly with the Mount Vernon Public Schools and verifies educators identities. Confirms existence of the materials requested, and reviews proposals listed in the grant proposal.

Grant Proposal Questions/Answers
Who can submit proposals?

Mount Vernon Public Schools staff can submit proposals.  The Foundation accepts proposals only from those who directly serve the Districts students; however, the proposals may be a collaboration with a community organization.

What kind of materials can I ask for?
Educators can propose any resource that is essential to a student centered experience, everything from a set of books to summer camp tuition for promising students.  All materials purchased through funded proposals become property of the Mount Vernon Public Schools.

Is there a limit on my request?

Yes, Proposals can range up to $1,000.  The higher the request, the more compelling a proposal needs to be.  The lower the request, the more likely a proposal will be funded.

How can I write a good proposal if I am not experienced in grant writing?

Our on line application form presents educators with an easy to complete process.  A educator needs to fully describe the project to take place, but experience with grant writing is completely unnecessary.
How does the Grant Review Committee handle my proposal after I’ve submitted it?

The Foundation directly meets with the Mount Vernon Public Schools to verify the educators’ identity, confirms existence of the materials requested, and reviews proposals.  If there are any uncertainties, the Foundation will e-mail the educator for follow-up questions.  After this process is satisfactorily completed, the proposal is evaluated by the Foundation using 6 major categories, engagement, achievement, innovation, methods, assessment, and finance.
What happens if my proposal is funded?

The foundation will notify the educator of the award by mail.  All necessary documentation, funding, and follow-up evaluation material will be mailed to the educator.