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Mount Vernon Public Schools Foundation

Classroom Enrichment Grant Application

The Mount Vernon Public Schools Foundation (MVPSF) solicits annual grant proposals for classroom grants to encourage continuous improvement in education.  The foundation will award amounts up to $1,000 to benefit students in one or more areas of academic enrichment.  The amount and timing of the award will be based on the approved Foundation budget.
The vision and mission of the MVPSF is to provide resources that   support and promote the educational needs of students in the District.  The Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of education in the District by raising funds for projects that encourage and enhance academics, athletics, the arts, technology and all other programs that will enrich the learning experience offered in the Mount Vernon Public Schools.
 Applications will not be considered for grant proposals previously funded by the MVPSF unless the grant recipient submitted the evaluation form describing measured outcomes and feedback.  Before you submit the grant application, read the grant evaluation form to familiarize yourself with the requirements of the evaluation process.  Please consider how you will measure the success of your grant.

  1. Applications may be submitted by an educator, administrator, staff or student.  Fill out the cover page completely, including your principal’s signature on the hard copy.  Include the cover page with your application.  We recommend that you seek preliminary principal approval prior to completing your application. 
  2. You must use this application  to be considered for funding.  You may use additional pages to complete your application.  However, we ask that your responses be short and concise.  Attachments must be 8½ x11.
  3. When creating the budget section, please use the template to provide your data.
  4. Your completed application must be submitted by the second Monday of the month in order to be considered at the next regular Foundation meeting. 
  5. Email and hardcopy versions must be received for grant submission to be complete. Submit your hard copy application to Mount Vernon Public School Foundation, P.O. Box 2543, Mount Vernon, WA 98273.  Email copy of your grant to by the second Monday of the month       

Non-fundable items

  1. Monies spent prior to grant approval
  2. Salary, release time, or other wage negotiated funding
  3. Food Beverages, snacks, etc.
  4. Budgets or existing funds
  5. Political or quasi political campaigns

Things that may help your grant get funded

  1. The inclusion of active student involvement, more than just being an audience
  2. The ability of the project to become applicable school or district wide
  3. The ability of the project to be funded from multiple sources
  4. The ability of the project to become self-sustaining
  5.  Accurate completion of the grant proposal including all supporting documents
  6. Likelihood of the project to impact a large cross-section of students and create a lasting impact

Things to Remember

  1. The goal is to fund as many requests as possible based on merit of the project and/or budget constraints
  2. A clearly written budget including, other sources of funding to help carry out the project
  3. Applications may be submitted by an educator, administrator, staff or student.  However, all applications must be reviewed and signed by the Principal or his or her designee
  4. The responsibility of the requestor does not end when the grant is approved and funding is distributed.  Date driven follow-up reporting is required
  5. If a funded grant project is not completed by the stated completion date, the grantee must submit a written statement to the Foundation with the reason the project could not be completed on time and request an extension.
  6. The Mount Vernon Public School Foundation has the right to fund, deny or partially  fund grants or fund grants with added stipulations

Steps in the Application Process

      1.  Completed and signed application emailed and mailed to
           the MVPSF.
      2.  Application received and reviewed by the Board at its next
           regularly scheduled meeting.
      3.  Board Member will contact applicant to request additional 
           information or to inform them of the decision on the grant
      4.  For approved grant requests, arrangements will be made
           to deliver funds.
      5.  Upon completion of the funded project or activity, the 
           applicant must submit a completed evaluation form to
           the MVPSF.  the Board appreciates photographs that
           illustrate the success of the activity or project. (students
           engaged in the use of equipment during the educational
           experience or enjoying the activity.
Review Period 
Submitted and completed applications will be reviewed at the next scheduled Mount Vernon Public Schools Foundation Board meeting.  It is strongly advised that the application be submitted by the second Monday of the month in order to be considered for review. 

Evaluating Applications

The foundation evaluating committee will judge the application based on six (6) major criteria. 

  • Engagement requires the students to be actively involved in the learning or teaching process
  • Achievement articulates specific learning outcomes directly linked to expected student achievement
  • Innovation demonstrates a new concept or new or unique application of an existing idea.  Answers the question: “What is the vision?”
  • Methods defines specific instructional techniques that lead to student learning outcomes.  Answers the question: “How will the vision be implemented?”
  • Assessment uses clear and measureable outcomes to assess program impact and success
  • Finance

Use of Grant Funds

In certain cases, changing circumstance following the award of a grant may make it difficult or undesirable to continue with the grant.  Examples are:  the departure or reassignment of key personnel or a change in curriculum.  In such cases please consult with MVPSF before expending any funds.  MVPSF needs to approve the expenditure of funds other than the original intended purpose.

Mount Vernon Public Schools Foundation Contribution Form

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